Before The Day May Begin.

Fade in on her in the shower. The water running over her breasts, her head falls back as she moans softly. Pan slowly from her face, past her breasts, her stomach, to her pussy. She rubs herself rhythmically and slowly. Her mouth hangs open and her eyes close. The water gently fils her open mouth and is only ejected by her moaning. She sQueezes her breast firmly as her body writhes in pleasure. Her hand speeds up, she is moaning louder now. Her free hand explores every inch of body it can find- she gropes her ass firmly, scratches her neck; anything to intensify the orgasm she feels welling inside her body. She bites her bottom lip and cums. Her body shudders- her knees cross over each other and her tits bounce with her sharp, heavy breathing. She collapses somewhat against the shower wall, her breast depresses the shower valve and shuts it off.
There she is; now barely standing, supple breasts heaving, knees Quivering, toes clenched, lip bitten and now sore; in silence. Nothing but moisture dripping from her swollen pussy and tight body, and the weight of her breath to be heard.
When she opens her eyes she will be ready to start the day.